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Sustancias químicas

Industrial Chemical Lab Services

Leading the Way in Solvents Blending and Formulation

A beaker filled with test tubes holding different colored chemicalsBeyond an extensive product portfolio and supply chain network, Nexeo Solutions is available to help with your blending, formulation and technical needs for solvents and related chemicals. Our industrial lab services focus on the delivery of commodity-driven materials to bring you the solutions you need for your specific manufacturing requirements.

From formulations to help improve the performance of your product, to alternative chemistries adaptive to environmental and consumer concerns, we are prepared to help you find the right solutions for the challenges you face both today and tomorrow.

Quality Testing at Your Fingertips

Our knowledge of solvents runs deep. As a leading distributor of solvents manufactured by the top suppliers in North America, we can support you, from obtaining a sample for testing through creating a customized solvent solution. Our technical support staff will work with you side-by-side to curate a solution personalized to your needs.

Solvent and blend formulation development capabilities include:

  • Chemical composition analysis
  • Solvent blend prototype development
  • Competitive product comparative analysis
  • Raw material performance evaluations
  • Specification and certification testing
  • Solvent reformulation comparisons based upon tailored needs:
    • Regulatory
    • Hasen solubility
    • Relative evaporative rate
    • Flash point

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