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Prist Chemical Distributor

PRIST Aviation Products to Keep You Flying

The PRIST brand of aerospace products have been long respected for its performance capabilities in the aviation world. Our lineup includes fuel system icing inhibitors, and an acrylic and plastic windscreen cleaner. PRIST — the additive pilots ask for by name.

PRIST Hi-Flash Anti-Icing Aviation Fuel Additive

PRIST Hi-Flash is one of the most trusted anti-icing aviation fuel additives in the industry. This next-generation additive is less toxic and less volatile, making it safer and easier to use compared to conventional anti-icing fuel additives.

PRIST Hi-Flash anti-icing aviation fuel additive was developed to meet the new demands of the aviation industry. To fly more safely, all aircraft without fuel heaters must use an anti-icing fuel additive.

The formation of ice crystals in fuel tanks can block an aircraft’s fuel line or filter, causing engine failure. PRIST Hi-Flash fuel additive helps control icing in aircraft fuel by depressing the freezing point of water.

PRIST Hi-Flash fuel additive is authorized by the U.S. Armed Forces under Military Specification MIL-DTL-85470(B) and ASTM Standard D4171 for use in civilian jet fuels as a fuel system icing inhibitor. As part of its ASTM approval process, the formulation of PRIST Hi-Flash fuel additive was analyzed and approved by turbine engine and turbine aircraft airframe manufacturers worldwide.

PRIST Hi-Flash is available in two different variants:  PRIST Hi-Flash Hi-Flo™ additive for faster, over-wing fueling operations (fuel flow of 40-55 GPM), while PRIST Hi-Flash Lo-Flo additive is for slower flowing applications (fuel flow of 15-30 GPM). These products are available in a variety of package sizes, from an 8 oz. aerosol can to bulk truckload quantities.

PRIST Acrylic and Plastic Windscreen Cleaner

When we set out to develop a windscreen cleaner, we formulated one that would attack tough surface grime without harming the delicate finish of a transparency. Unlike many cleaners, PRIST windscreen cleaner works well on all transparent surfaces without harm.

Most general-purpose cleaners contain harsh solvents that will eventually cause windscreen hazing or streaking—especially on non-glass surfaces. PRIST cleaner contains no abrasive cleaning agents or propellants. It dispenses a foam, so work areas are easily defined.

PRIST acrylic and plastic windscreen cleaner works safely on easily on all acrylic, polycarbonate and coated aircraft windscreens, whether inside or outside the aircraft. It is safe for metal and vinyl, and will not harm painted surfaces.

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