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Arpol Chemical Supplier

Arpol Has You Covered in Aviation, Land And Marine Applications

For more than 40 years, the Arpol® brand of products has been globally recognized and synonymous with high-performance lubricants, solvents, greases and other specialty chemicals developed and tested to meet the demanding requirements for use in military air, land and marine applications.

Arpol products serve a variety of industrial markets, including military and commercial. Products under the Arpol label provide superior anti-wear, anti-oxidant and dispersant properties, alleviating rust and seizure problems.

Varied applications include switchgear, x-ray equipment, generator bearings, marine diesels, and gas and steam turbine engines.

Our product offering includes materials that are packaged in accordance with unique military requirements, include national stock numbers (NSNs) and are approved on the U.S. Qualified Products List (QPL). Arpol products conform to a number of OEM, MIL, SAE, DEF STAN and NATO code specifications. From lubricants and greases, to specialty chemicals, Arpol products have got you covered.

The Arpol line of products includes Arposolve and Arpolube—solvents and lubricants—and have been used to supply military forces around the globe and keep them at-the-ready.  We know that strenuous and varied operating conditions demand something more. That is why the Arpol reputation stands for exacting performance and quality under some of the harshest of conditions and requirements.

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